16.04.040 Terms explained.
Whenever the following terms are utilized in the Los Angeles County Fire Code, as adopted by this Chapter, to the extent permitted or regulated to ensure the fullest enforcement of said Code within the City, such terms shall have the meanings as set forth below:
   (1)   “Building Department” shall refer to that department of the City having as its primary responsibility, enforcement of the Building Code of the City.
   (2)   “Board of Appeals” shall refer to such board as may be established by the Board of Supervisors for the purposes set forth in Title 32 of the County Code, adopted by this Chapter.
   (3)   “Chief” means the Fire Chief of the county or his or her designee.
   (4)   “Executive body” means the Board of Supervisors for the County.
   (5)   “Fire Department” means the County of Los Angeles Fire Department.
   (6)   “County,” “County of Los Angeles,” or “unincorporated territory of the County of Los Angeles” means the city of La Mirada, except as otherwise required.
(Ord. 694 § 3, 2017)