13.12.100 Requirements for industrial/commercial and construction activities.
   (a)   Industrial/commercial and construction related dischargers generally. Each discharger associated with industrial/commercial activity or construction activity, or other discharger described in any general NPDES permit addressing such discharges, as may be issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the State Water Resources Control Board, or the Regional Board shall comply with all requirements of such NPDES permit and the city's development construction program. Each discharger identified in an individual NPDES permit shall comply with and undertake all activities required by such permit. Proof of compliance with any such NPDES permit and the city's development construction program may be required in a form acceptable to the director prior to the issuance of any grading, building or occupancy permits, or any other type of permit or license issued by the city.
   (b)   Industrial/commercial and construction related non-storm water discharges. Non-stormwater discharges to the MS4 from industrial, commercial or construction activities in violation of any applicable NPDES permit or the city's development construction program are prohibited.
   (c)   Source control bmps for industrial/commercial facilities. Industrial/commercial facilities shall implement the effective source control BMPs listed in Table 10 of Part VI.D.6.f. of the municipal NPDES permit, unless a particular pollutant generating activity does not occur on a facility's site.
(Ord. 671 § 1, 2014)