13.12.090 Good housekeeping provisions.
Owners and occupants of property within the city shall comply with the following requirements:
   (a)   Septic waste. No person shall leave, deposit, discharge, dump, or otherwise expose any chemical or septic waste to precipitation in an area where a discharge to City streets or MS4 may or does occur.
   (b)   Use of water. Runoff of water used for irrigation purposes shall be minimized to the maximum extent practicable. Runoff of water from the permitted washing down of paved areas shall be minimized to the maximum extent practicable.
   (c)   Storage of materials, machinery and equipment. Machinery or equipment that is to be repaired or maintained in areas susceptible to or exposed to stormwater, shall be placed in a manner so that leaks, spills and other maintenance-related pollutants are not discharged to the MS4.
   (d)   Removal and disposal of debris from industrial/commercial motor vehicle parking lots. Industrial/commercial motor vehicle parking lots with more than twenty-five parking spaces that are located in areas potentially exposed to stormwater shall be swept regularly or other equally effective measures shall be utilized to remove debris from such parking lots.
   (e)   Food wastes. Food wastes generated by nonresidential food service and food distribution sources shall be properly disposed of and in a manner so such wastes are not discharged to the MS4.
   (f)   Best management practices. Best management practices shall be used in areas exposed to stormwater for the removal and lawful disposal of all fuels, chemicals, fuel and chemical wastes, animal wastes, garbage, batteries, or other materials which have potential adverse impacts on water quality.
   (g)   Maintenance of structural BMPs. Structural BMPs shall be properly operated and maintained, consistent with the approved SUSMP. Records and documentation of such maintenance shall be provided to the director upon request.
(Ord. 671 § 1, 2014)