13.08.040 Definitions.
Whenever any of the following names or terms are used in Ordinance No. 7834, as adopted in Section 13.08.020, each such name or term shall be deemed and construed to have the following meanings:
   (1)   "County" or "county of Los Angeles" or "unincorporated area" means the city of La Mirada;
   (2)   "Board of supervisors" means the city council of La Mirada;
   (3)   "Water appeals board" means the city council;
   (4)   "Director of planning" means the planning director of La Mirada;
   (5)   "Engineer" means the county engineer;
   (6)   "Health officer" means county health officer;
   (7)   "Forester and fire warden" mean the county Forester and fire warden;
   (8)   "Road commissioner" means the superintendent of streets of the city of La Mirada or such other officer or official authorized or designated to enforce the terms and provisions of this chapter or to act in this regard as superintendent of streets.
(Ord. 62 § 4 (part), 1963; prior code § 6803).