3.14.135 Specialized contracting procedures permitted.
   (a)   Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit the city from using, and the city is hereby authorized to use, specialized contracting procedures when authorized by state law. Each such procedure need not be specifically authorized herein. Such specialized procedures may include, but are not limited to, prequalification of contractors or subcontractors and design-build contracting procedures.
   (b)   The city manager is authorized to determine whether or not the needs of any particular project warrant the use of legally available specialized contracting procedures, or to delegate that determination to other city staff.
   (c)   The city manager is authorized to adopt and enforce all policies and procedures necessary to effectively utilize any specialized contracting procedures authorized by state law. All such policies and procedures shall be written and available for review in the office of the city clerk.
   (d)   Where required by applicable state law, the policies and procedures shall provide for a process to appeal an administrative decision. Failure to file a timely appeal shall constitute a waiver of any and all rights to challenge the administrative decision whether by administrative process, judicial process, or any other legal process or proceeding.
(Ord. 596, §1, 2005)