3.14.070 Purchases without bidding.
Purchases of supplies, services, equipment and the sale of personal property shall be by bid procedures pursuant to Sections 3.14.080, 3.14.090 and 3.14.140. Bidding shall be dispensed with only when no public work of total value in excess of the public works bidding limit is involved and one of the following conditions pertains:
   (1)   The amount involved is within open market purchasing policy limits;
   (2)   The purchasing officer determines that the commodity can be obtained from only one vendor;
   (3)   There is a breakdown in essential machinery or, in an essential service, or when unforeseen circumstances arise including delays by contractors, delays in transportation, and unanticipated volume of work which requires the immediate attention of a professional or immediate service/repair in order to protect the public health, safety or welfare; or
   (4)   An essential operation affecting the preservation of life or property, public health, safety or welfare would be greatly hampered if the prescribed procedure would cause an undue delay in the procurement of the needed services or materials.
(Ord. 407 § 2 (part), 1987).