Chapter 3.06
   3.06.010   Short title.
   3.06.020   Definitions.
   3.06.030   Payment of transient occupancy tax.
   3.06.040   Persons deemed exempt from tax.
   3.06.050   Collection--Advertising that payment of tax not required prohibited.
   3.06.060   Transient occupancy registration certificate.
   3.06.070   Reports and remittances.
   3.06.080   Penalties for failure to remit tax when due.
   3.06.090   Failure of operator to collect and report tax-- Determination of tax by tax administrator–Notice and hearing.
   3.06.100   Appeal.
   3.06.110   Records to be kept for a period of three years.
   3.06.120   Refunds.
   3.06.130   Action by city to collect tax.
   3.06.140   Violation of provisions of chapter deemed misdemeanor--Penalties.