§ 11-102. Owners of Real Estate to Register Names and Addresses of Tenants with Tax Assessor.
Every owner of real estate within the Township of Lamar, Clinton County, Pennsylvania, whether personally or by agent rents or leases for residential purposes any parcel or unit of real estate, in whole or in part, to any person or persons, shall register with the tax assessor of the Township of Lamar, a certified list of all person(s) who rented real estate from said owner during the preceding 6 months. Said list shall include the name and last known address of each adult who resided in said rented real estate for all or a portion of said 6 month period. The list shall be registered and/or filed semi-annually, the deadlines for said semi-annually filing being May 31st and November 30th of each and every calendar year.
(Ord. 51-5-93, 5/10/1993, § 2)