§ 10-205. Notice and Payment of Fine.
Upon discovery of any violation of the terms of this Part, the Township of Lamar, shall through its authorized agents, give notice to the owner or occupant or either of them, as the case may be, of a violation hereunder, either by personal delivery to such owner or occupant or by the United States mail directed to the last known address of such person or persons, or by leaving the same upon premises where such owner or occupant resides. If such person notified shall, within 5 days after the delivery, mailing or leaving of such notice, pay to the Treasurer of the Township of Lamar the sum of $5, the same will constitute full satisfaction for the violation noted in said notice. The failure of such person to make payment as aforesaid within 5 days shall render such owner subject to the penalties as provided hereinabove. Provided, further, that nothing contained in this Section shall affect in any way the provisions of this Part regarding separate offenses for every day any violation occurs.
(Ord. 49-5-93, 5/10/1993, § 5)