§ 10-103. Nuisances Enumerated.
It shall be unlawful for any person, either directly or indirectly by its agents, to do, authorize, aid or abet any of the following described regulations or restrictions, and any person doing so shall be deemed guilty of a nuisance:
      A.   To injure or destroy any property, either owned by the Township or by other persons, in or along any public highway, or place of the Township.
      B.   To deposit any paper boxes or store wastes, earth, brick, stone, coal, wood, ashes, lime, shavings, rubbish, refuse, garbage or any substance of any kind, except for the purpose of immediate loading or removing, on any public highway or sidewalk within the Township.
      C.   To deposit any paper boxes or store wastes, earth, brick, stone, coal, wood, ashes, lime, shavings, rubbish, refuse, garbage or any substance of any kind upon the premises of any other person within the Township without the prior permission of such other person.
      D.   To cause, permit or maintain on any public or private lands within the Township, the accumulation of garbage and rubbish, the storage of more than one unlicensed and/or inoperative automobiles or the storage of junk. The storage of one unlicensed and/or inoperative automobile will be permitted, provided it is concealed from the view of the general public.
      E.   To deposit, drop or place, or cause to be deposited dropped or placed, upon any of the public highways, sidewalks or public places within the Township, any posters, circulars, bills, handbills or other advertising matter of any kind or description whatsoever.
      F.   To nail, tack, hand or otherwise append any sign, notice or advertisement of any kind whatsoever on any tree, post or pole of any description within the Township, except on private property and then only by permission of the owner.
      G.   To use the public streets as a proving ground, amusement thoroughfare or other objectionable practices by operators of motor vehicles in such a way as to create danger or hinder the use of the thoroughfares by others.
      H.   To indecently expose his or her person, bathe naked in the public view or expose himself or herself in the public view.
      I.   To use indecent, vile or profane language upon the public streets or in public places.
      J.   To beg from door to door.
      K.   To maintain any cellar, erection, building or part thereof in an unsafe, unsanitary or overcrowded manner, or to fail to provide the same with adequate means of ingress and egress, or to fail to sufficiently ventilate, sewer, drain, clean, light or support the same either by its own construction or connection, and a property owner shall be equally liable with a tenant for the violation of this subsection.
      L.   To act in such a manner that any loud, boisterous and unseemly noise or disturbance including, but not limited to, the discharge of any firearm within 100 yards of a residence or the playing of any music or the exploding of fireworks within 25 yards of a residence or other occupied structure or dwelling in any area of the Township, or in or nearby or near to any public highway, road, street, lane, alley, park, square, common or place of public accommodation, convenience and resort, or any place open to the public or place where the public may gather, or such a nature as would be an annoyance or inconvenience to the peace and/or dignity of the community and/or its citizens, or whereby the traveling public is annoyed. [Ord. 12/10/2001]
(Ord. 48-5-93, 5/10/1993, § 3; as amended by Ord. 12/10/2001)