§ 27-407. Required Yard Exceptions.
No structure or part of a structure shall be erected within or shall project into any required yards except:
      A.   Overhanging eaves, gutters, cornices or solar energy collector not exceeding 2 feet in width.
      B.   Arbors, trellises, garden sheds, unroofed steps, unroofed terraces, awnings, movable canopies, walls, fences and other similar uninhabitable structures shall be permitted, provided they are not more than 8 feet in height.
      C.   Unenclosed fire escapes which extend no more than 6 feet into any required yard area.
      D.   In no event shall any of the above be located closer than 4 feet from the property line.
(Ord. 3/9/1993B, § 406)