§ 5-103. Administration and Enforcement.
Administration and enforcement of the Code within Lamar Township shall be undertaken in any of the following ways as determined by the Lamar Township Board of Supervisors from time to time by resolution:
      A.   By designation of an employee of Lamar Township to serve as the municipal code official to act on behalf of Lamar Township.
      B.   By the retention of one or more construction code officials or third-part agencies to act on behalf of Lamar Township.
      C.   By agreement with one or more other municipalities for the joint administra tion and enforcement of this Act through an intermunicipal agreement.
      D.   By entering into a contract with another municipality for the administration and enforcement of this Act on behalf of Lamar Township.
      E.   By entering into an agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry for plan review, inspections and enforcement of structures other than one-family or two-family dwelling units and utility and miscellaneous use structures.
(Ord. 6-23-2004, 6/23/2004, § 3)