§ 22-703. Waivers and Modifications.
   1.   The provisions of this Chapter are the minimum standards for the protection of the public welfare.
   2.   If any mandatory provision of this Chapter is shown by the applicant, to be unreasonable and to cause unique and undue hardship, the Board of Supervisors may grant a waiver in writing from such a mandatory provision, provided that:
      A.   Such waiver will not have the effect of nullifying the intent and purposes of this Chapter.
      B.   The public safety is not compromised.
      C.   No requirements related to stormwater management, hydrogeology or stream corridors are modified.
   3.   All requests for waivers and modifications shall be in writing and shall accompany and be a part of the application for development. The request shall state in full the grounds and facts of unreasonableness or hardship on which the request is based, the provision or provisions of the ordinance involved and the minimum modification necessary.
   In granting waivers and modifications, the Board of Supervisors may impose such conditions as will, in its judgment, encourage innovative design, secure substantially the objectives of the standards or requirements so waived or modified.
(Ord. 3/9/1993A, § 702)