§ 22-505. Multiple Family Dwelling Developments.
Multiple family developments are classified as major land development and require compliance with Parts 2, 3 and 4 of this Chapter. Such development includes apartments, townhouses and condominiums. All pertinent standards from the Lamar Township Zoning Ordinance [Chapter 27] shall apply. In addition, the following requirements shall apply:
      A.   The developer shall submit with the land development or subdivision plan the following:
         (1)   Description of the type of multiple family dwelling proposed, indicating the number of dwelling units per structure.
         (2)   Description of the maintenance of all facilities which are shared by residents within the proposed development, including the required open space. The developer shall provide implementing documents to ensure such maintenance.
         (3)   If the developer proposes to subdivide and convey individual dwelling units within the development, an exact legal description of the areas or dwelling units to be conveyed shall be provided, along with an agreement which assigns maintenance responsibility for commonly used facilities. This agreement shall be recorded with the subdivision plan and referenced in the deeds for all properties in the development.
      B.   A consolidated area of at least 500 square feet per dwelling unit of usable open space shall be provided. At least one shade tree shall be part of this open space.
      C.   Buffer yards shall be required by the Township where adjacent land use dictates their placement. Developers shall protect and utilize natural hedgerows, where possible, for this purpose. A planted buffer of at least 50 foot width shall be established at the boundary between multi-family residential development and
         (1)   Agricultural zone or use.
         (2)   Commercial zone or use.
         The buffer yard design shall be in conformance with § 22-411(6).
      D.   A stormwater management plan is required as specified in § 409.
(Ord. 3/9/1993A, § 504)