§ 22-418. Fire Hydrants.
   1.   Every development that is served by a public water system shall include a system of fire hydrants sufficient to provide adequate fire protection for the buildings located or intended to be located within such development.
   2.   Fire hydrants must be located so that every building within the development may be served by a hydrant by laying not more than 500 feet of hose connected to such hydrant. However, the Fire Chief may authorize or require a deviation from this standard if in his professional opinion another arrangement is more satisfactory.
   3.   The Fire Chief shall determine the precise location of all fire hydrants. In general, fire hydrants shall be placed 6 feet behind the curb line of publicly dedicated streets that have curb and gutter.
   4.   The Fire Chief shall determine the design standards of all hydrants based on fire flow needs. Unless otherwise specified by the Fire Chief, all hydrants shall have 21/2 inch hose connections and one 41/2 inch hose connection. The 21/2 inch hose connections shall be located at least 211/2 inches from the ground level. All hydrant threads shall be national standard threads.
   5.   Water lines that serve hydrants shall be at least 6 inch lines, and unless no other practicable alternative is available, no such lines shall be dead-end lines.
(Ord. 3/9/1993A, § 417)