§ 22-410. Utilities and Utility Easements.
   1.   Utilities, including electric and telephone, shall be installed underground in accord with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) Regulation 52 Pa. Code § 57.82. Underground utilities are not required for any of the following situations:
      A.   For a residential subdivision of fewer than five lots bordering an existing street which is presently served by overhead utility service.
      B.   For service to facilities within a commercial or industrial development.
      C.   For service within the Clinton County Fairgrounds.
      D.   For service to an agricultural operation.
      E.   For a project where a variance under the above cited regulation has been granted by the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission.
   2.   The width of utility easements shall be as specified by the particular company. Subdividers may be required to provide the Planning Commission with documentation from the utility companies involved as to the adequacy of utility easements.
   3.   To the fullest extent possible, easements for public utilities shall be centered on side or rear lot lines.
   4.   Where natural gas, petroleum or high tension lines are located within or adjacent to the subdivision or land development, the subdivider shall contact the utility company involved to determine any special conditions that may be required.
   5.   Whenever a developer installs or causes to be installed any utility line, the developer shall, as soon as practicable after installation is complete and, before acceptance of any water or sewer line, furnish the Township with a copy of as-built drawings. Compliance with this requirement shall be a condition of the continued validity of the permit authorizing such development.
(Ord. 3/9/1993A, § 409)