§ 22-408. Sidewalks.
   1.   Sidewalks may be required in subdivisions or land developments, as in the following conditions:
      A.   Where the distance to the nearest school is within State limits which require students to walk rather than be transported.
      B.   To continue existing sidewalks from adjoining subdivisions or land developments.
      C.   To provide access to community facilities.
      D.   In subdivisions with lots of less than 15,000 square feet in size E. As may be required by the Township.
   2.   Sidewalks, where provided, shall be located within the street right-of-way and shall be no closer than 4 feet from the curb face, shoulder or-street drainage facility. A grass planting strip and street trees may be required between the curb and sidewalk.
   3.   Whenever curb construction is used on public streets, wheelchair ramps for the handicapped shall be provided at intersections and other major points of pedestrian flow. Wheelchair ramps and depressed curbs shall be constructed in accordance with published standards of PennDOT.
(Ord. 3/9/1993A, § 407)