§ 22-404. Lots and Parcels.
The arrangement and other design standards of lots shall conform to the following requirements:
   1.   All lots shall conform to the minimum requirements of the Lamar Township Zoning Ordinance [Chapter 27] in effect. Larger lot sizes maybe required where specific site conditions such as excessive slope or marginally suitable soils are known to exist.
   2.   Lot size, dimension and the placement of lots within blocks shall be so as to provide the largest amounts of usable space for the owners thereof, the most economical provision of services and the most advantageous relationship with natural topography and vegetation.
   3.   All lots shall abut a street.
   4.   Wherever possible, lot lines shall follow Township boundaries rather than cross them.
   5.   Double frontage lots shall be avoided, except where essential for separation from collector streets or to overcome topographic disadvantages. Where frontage along a collector occurs, a planting strip for a screen, at least 15 feet in width, shall be provided along the back of the lot. Where lots back on a railroad, creek or natural barrier, there may also be required a 15 foot planting screen strip. Interior lots having frontage on two streets shall be prohibited except where unusual conditions make it desirable.
   6.   If, after subdividing, remnants of land exist, they shall be incorporated in existing or proposed lots, or legally dedicated to public use, if acceptable to the Township.
   7.   A parcel being subdivided for the purpose of being added to an existing, adjacent lot of record shall not be subject to minimum lot size or the soils testing requirements, provided that a note indicating such is placed on the plot plan and that the existing lot and the addition shall be combined in one deed of record. If both parcels are described separately in the same deed, then a note shall be placed on the plan and in the deed indicating that the two lots are to be considered as one. In this manner the purchaser is precluded from subsequent subdivision of the acquired addition without prior approval thereof under the terms and conditions of this Chapter.
(Ord. 3/9/1993A, § 403)