§ 22-304. Final Plan.
   1.   Where site improvements are not proposed by the subdivider, nor required by the Planning Commission, or where improvements have been installed in accordance with a previously approved preliminary plan, or an acceptable performance assurance has been filed with the Commission, the preliminary plan may be considered as a final plan.
   2.   The final plan shall conform in all respects with the approved preliminary plan. Otherwise the plan submitted shall be considered as a revised preliminary plan.
   3.   The applicant shall have a period of 5 years from the date of preliminary approval in which to submit a final plan. If the applicant fails to submit a final plan within the said 5 year period, the approval of the preliminary plan shall become null and void, unless an extension of time is requested by the subdivider in writing, along with a schedule for submission of the final plan and is approved by the Commission prior to the expiration date.
   4.   The final plan may be submitted in sections, each concerning a portion of the entire subdivision or land development.
   5.   Six copies of the final plan and two copies of all other materials and information required by this Chapter, shall be submitted to the Commission with a letter of intent. The copies of the final plan can be either black and white or blue and white prints. The sheet size shall be 18 inches by 24 inches or 24 inches by 36 inches. The final plan shall be at a scale not to exceed 100 feet to the inch.(22, PART 3)
   6.   The final plan shall show the following data:
      A.   Title block, containing the name of the owner of the tract, municipality, date, scale and certification with seal by a registered professional land surveyor.
      B.   Location map, showing the relation of the tract to adjoining properties, the road and highway system, municipal boundaries and including an area extending at least 1/2 mile from the subdivision parcel boundaries.
      C.   Tract boundary sketch, showing the location of the proposed development in relation to the entire tract and the names of owners of all adjoining property and all adjacent subdivisions.
      D.   North arrow, boundary lines by bearings and distances which provide a survey of the area to be developed, closing with an error of not more than 1 foot in 5,000 feet.
      E.   Proposed lot lines by their courses and distances showing bearings to the nearest second and distances to nearest '/inn of a foot, dimensions of areas to be dedicated to public use and building setback lines; total number of parcels or dwelling units, including a numbering system to identify each lot, acreage of each lot, total acreage and existing zoning classification.
      F.   Location and final design and dimension of proposed streets, rights-of-way, parking areas and easements on or adjacent to the tract, including bearings and distances of rights-of-way and easements, right-of-way and pavement widths and street names.
      G.   Location and final design of proposed sewers, water mains, culverts, buildings, transmission lines, fire hydrants and other significant manmade features.
      H.   Soil percolation test sites and/or deep test pit sites, except where public sewers are provided.
      I.   Existing watercourses, floodplains, wooded areas and other significant natural features. The boundary of the floodplain shall be shown utilizing the flood insurance study for the municipality. The 100 year flood elevation shall be provided.
      J.   Topographic contours and datum and benchmark to which contour elevations refer.
   7.   The following information, data and documents shall be submitted with the final plan:
      A.   Corrected and updated material from the preliminary plan.
      B.   Review fee.
      C.   Copies of proposed deed restrictions, right-of-way use and maintenance agreements and deeds proposing dedication of improvements to the concerned municipality.
      D.   Final cross-sections and centerline profiles for each street and final designs of bridges and culverts.
      E.   Documentation in accordance with § 22-416 of this Chapter, that the subdivider has adequately planned for sewage disposal, including final designs of sewerage systems.
      F.   Documentation in accordance with § 22-417 of this Chapter that the subdivider has adequately planned for water supply. Where appropriate, approval letters or permits issued by the local water company, the Department of Environmental Protection or the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission for water supply systems and final designs of such systems. [Ord. 12/10/2001]
      G.   Final designs of any stormwater control improvements and related documentation required in accordance with § 22-409 of this Chapter.
      H.   Highway occupancy permit, where applicable.
      I.   Other documentation and certificates of approval from the proper authorities as may be required by the Planning Commission.
      J.   Where appropriate, one of the following for guaranteeing improvements for either the entire development tract or designated phases:
         (1)   A bond, certified check or other security satisfactory to the Planning Commission.
         (2)   A certificate from a qualified engineer chosen mutually by the Township and the developer that the improvements have been inspected and found to be installed in accordance with specifications.
      K.   A notarized statement, signed by the landowner, duly acknowledged before an officer authorized to take acknowledgment of deeds, to the effect that the subdivision or land development shown on the plan is the act and the deed of the owner, that all those signing are all the owners of the property shown on the survey and plan and that they desire the same to be recorded. This must be dated following the last change or revision to said plan.
(Ord. 319/1993A, § 303; as amended by Ord. 12/10/2001)