§ 4-204. Duties of Enforcement Officer.
   1.   Whenever it shall be reported to the Lamar Township Supervisors that any building or structure is in a dangerous condition, the Lamar Township Supervisors shall immediately cause an investigation or examination to be made of such structure to determine whether any conditions exist which render such premises dangerous buildings within the terms of § 4-201 above.
   2.   Whenever an inspection discloses that a dwelling, building or structure has become a public nuisance, the Zoning Officer shall issue a written notice to the person or persons responsible therefor. The notice:
      A.   Shall be in writing.
      B.   Shall include a statement of the reasons it is being issued.
      C.   Shall state a reasonable time to rectify the conditions constituting the nuisance or to remove and demolish the dwelling, building or structure.
      D.   Shall be served upon the owner, or his agent, or the occupant, as the case may require.
         (1)   Except in emergency cases and where the owner, occupant, lessee, or mortgagee is absent from Lamar Township , all notices shall be deemed to be properly served upon the owner, occupant or other persons having an interest in the dangerous building, if a copy thereof is served upon him personally, or if a copy thereof is posted in a conspicuous place in or about the structure affected by the notice; or if he is served with such notice by any other method authorized or required under the laws of the Commonwealth.
         (2)   Except emergency cases, in all other cases where the owner, occupant, lessee, or mortgagee is absent from Lamar Township, all notices or orders provided for herein shall be sent by registered mail to the owner, occupant, and all other persons having an interest in said building, as shown by the records of the County Real Estate Tax Assessment Office to the last known address of each, and a copy of such notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the dangerous building to which it relates. Such mailing and posting shall be deemed adequate service.
      E.   May contain an outline of remedial action which, if taken, will effect compliance with the provisions of this Part and with the rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto.
   3.   Appear at all hearings conducted by the Zoning Officer and testify as to the condition of dangerous buildings.
(Ord. 9-3-2013, 9/3/2013, § 2-204)