§ 22-207. Fee Schedule.
   1.   All review and inspection fees shall be paid to Lamar Township. Fees are designed to cover part of the costs of plan review services provided by the Lamar Township Planning Commission including consultant review if necessary.
   2.   The Township Supervisors shall establish by Resolution a schedule of fees for review of all subdivision or land development proposals. Review fees shall include reasonable and necessary charges by the municipality's professional consultants or engineer for review and report thereon to the Township. A supplemental fee may be levied for review of large land development or where special environmental conditions exist.
   3.   For inspection of installed improvements, the subdivider shall reimburse the Township for all Township review fees and expenses charged by a qualified registered professional engineer.(22, PART 2)
      A.   In the event the applicant disputes the fees or expenses in connection with the inspection of improvements, the applicant shall, within 10 working days of the date of billing, notify the Township that such expenses are disputed as unreasonable or unnecessary. The Township shall not delay application or other approval due to the applicant's request over disputed expenses.
      B.   If within 20 days from the date of billing, there is disagreement on the amount of fees or expenses which are reasonable and necessary, then the applicant and Township shall jointly appoint another professional engineer licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to review the fees or expenses and make a determination as to the reasonable amount.
      C.   The registered professional engineer so appointed shall hear such evidence and review such documentation as the professional engineer deems necessary and render a decision within 50 days of the billing date. The applicant shall be required to pay the entire amount determined in the decision immediately.
(Ord. 3/9/1993A, § 206)