§ 22-204. Recording of Final Plan.
   1.   Upon notification of approval of the final plan, the subdivider shall record one copy of the approved plan in the office of the Clinton County Register and Recorder within 90 days after approval of the final plan. Should the subdivider fail to record the final plan within such 90 day period, Township approval shall be null and void unless an extension of time is requested by the subdivider in writing and is granted before the expiration date. The final plans shall be filed with the Clinton County Register and Recorder before proceeding with the sale of lots or construction of buildings.
   2.   Recording of the plan shall not constitute grounds for tax reassessment until lots are sold or improvements installed.
   3.   Recording the final plan after approval by the Township shall have the effect of an irrevocable offer to dedicate all streets and other public ways to public use and to dedicate or reserve all park reservations and other public areas to public use unless reserved by the subdivider as hereinafter provided. Approval shall not impose any duty upon the Township concerning maintenance or improvement of any such dedicated streets, parks, areas or portion of same until actual appropriation of the same by ordinance or resolution or by entry, use or improvement.
(Ord. 3/9/1993A, § 203)