§ 22-102. Purpose.
This Chapter has been adopted by the Lamar Township Board of Supervisors to create conditions favorable to the health, safety, convenience, order and general welfare of the citizens of the Township. In enacting these regulations, the Township Supervisors propose to accomplish the following specific objectives.
      A.   To secure equitable handling of all subdivision plans by providing uniform procedures and standards.
      B.   To assure compatibility of subdivision plans with the Township comprehensive plan and related public improvement programs.
      C.   To assure that areas of natural value and areas of a sensitive or fragile character shall be protected from adverse effects of development.
      D.   To promote development practices that will safeguard water resources.
      E.   To facilitate the rational and efficient movement of people and goods.
      F.   To provide for harmonious development of the Township.
(Ord. 3/911993A, § 101)