§ 20-109. Registration Conditions and Preservation of Legal Liability.
   1.   All applicants shall be fully responsible as provided by law for all consequences of their operations and facilities and compliance with this Part shall not alter or diminish any such legal liability that might otherwise exist whether to the Township or to any person or other entity.
   2.   In order to meet the terms of this Part and to ensure that the applicant for a registration certificate will continue to observe the requirements hereof, and in furtherance of the purposes hereof, the Supervisors may condition the issuance of any certificate of registration upon such terms and conditions or make the same subject to such undertakings as the supervisors may deem advisable, consistent with the terms hereof and not inconsistent with State or Federal law. This provision shall not give the Supervisors the authority to impose conditions relating generally to the proposed facility but only conditions relating to matters covered by this Part and then only conditions that are consistent with the provisions of this Part.
(Ord. 44-8-92, 8/10/1992, §IX)