§ 18-515. Fees.
   1.   Purpose. It is the purpose of this Section to provide for the recovery of costs from industrial users of the sewer system for the implementation of the industrial pretreatment program established herein. The applicable charges or fees shall be set forth in the City's schedule of charges and fees.
   2.   Fees That May Be Charged. The City may adopt charges and fees which may include:
      A.   Fees for reimbursement of costs of setting up and operating the industrial pretreatment program.
      B.   Fees for monitoring, inspections and surveillance procedures.
      C.   Fees for reviewing accidental discharges procedures and construction.
      D.   Fees for wastewater discharge permit applications.
      E.   Fees for filing appeals.
      F.   Fees for consistent removal (by the sewage treatment plant) of pollutants otherwise subject to categorical standards.
      G.   Other fees as the City may deem necessary to carry out the requirements contained herein.
These fees relate solely to the matters covered by this Part and are separate from all other fees chargeable by the City.
(Ord. 7-6-2010, 7/6/2010, § 3.5)