§ 15-213. Stop Intersections Established.
   1.   The following intersections (in addition to intersections with the through highways established by §212) are established as stop intersections, and official stop signs shall be erected (or are ratified if previously erected) in such a position as to face traffic approaching the second-named street (the intersecting or through street) on the first-named street (the stop street) in the direction or directions indicated for that intersection. Every driver of a vehicle approaching the intersection on the first-named or stop street, in the direction indicated in each case, shall stop the vehicle as required by 75 Pa. C.S. §3323(b) of the Vehicle Code, and shall not proceed into or across the second-named or intersecting or through street until he has followed all applicable requirements of that Section of the law.
Stop Street
Intersecting or Through Street
Airstripe Dr.
TR 358 at SR 2008
Andrew Alley
TR at SR 64
AshLand Rd.
TR 581 at SR 64
Beagle Rd.
TR 353 at SR 477
Belle Spring Rd.
TR 558 at SR 2004
Bolopue Rd.
TR at SR 477
Burrell Rd.
TR 366 at TR 359
Cedar Heights Rd.
TR 541 at SR 64
Davy Rd.
TR 360 at SR 477
Duck Run Rd.
TR 325 at SR 2004 x 2
E. End Mt. Rd.
TR 359 at SR 477
E. Haven Pine Rd.
TR 5582 at TR 364 x 2
Eisenhower Cross Rd.
TR 365 at TR 359
Eisenhower Cross Rd.
TR 365 at TR 353
Ferhburg Rd.
SR Old 477 at SR 64
Fire House Rd.
at SR 477
Garbrick Alley
at SR 477
Gilmore Rd.
SR 2006 at SR 2004
Gilmore Rd.
SR 2006 at SR 477
Haven Pines Rd.
TR 364 at TR 353
Haven Pines Rd.
TR 364 at SR 477
Heckman Gap Rd.
TR 356 at SR 2008
Hill St.
TR 522 at SR 2004
Hill St.
TR 522 at SR 64
Exit Ramp SR 8006 at SR 220 x 2
Island Rd.
TR 322 at SR 2006
Jacksonville Rd.
SR 2018 at SR 64
Jones Rd.
TR 551 at TR 552
Kryder Rd.
TR 321 at SR 64
Langs Rd.
Private at SR 2004
Lizardville Rd.
SR Old 477 at New SR 477
Long Run Rd.
SR 477 at SR 64 x 2
Mackeyville Rd.
SR 2004 at SR 64
Mill St.
TR 350 at SR 2008
N. Mallard Rd.
TR 351 at SR 2004
Quarry Rd.
Private at SR 477
Race Track Rd.
Private at SR 2008
Rag Valley Rd.
TR 354 at SR 2004
Ridge Rd.
TR 357 at SR 2008 x 2
S. Heckman Road Rd.
TR 552 at SR 220
S. Mallard Rd.
TR 554 at SR 2008
Shortway Rd.
TR 555 at TR 354
Spruce Rd.
TR 361 at SR 477
Stover Cross Rd.
TR 368 at TR 353
Stover Cross Rd.
TR 368 at TR 359
W. Dunkle Rd.
TR 355 at TR 358
Wetzel Rd.
TR 362 at SR 477
Young Addition Rd.
TR 547 at SR 64
   2.   Any person who violates any provision of this Section shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to pay a fine of $25 and costs.