§ 15-203. Maximum Speed Limits Established for Certain Vehicles on Hazardous Grades.
   1.   The following are declared to be hazardous grades, and, upon any such hazardous grade, no person shall drive a vehicle, having a gross weight in excess of that referred to for that grade, in the direction stated for that grade, at a speed in excess of that established in this Section for that grade, and, if so stated for a particular grade, the driver of every such vehicle shall stop the vehicle before proceeding downhill:
Direction of Travel
Maximum Gross Weight
Maximum Speed Limit
Required to Stop Before Proceeding Downhill
   2.   Any person who violates any provision of this Section shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to pay a fine of $35. Any person exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than five miles per hour shall pay an additional fine of $2 for each mile in excess of five miles per hour over the maximum speed limit.