A.   Length Of Impoundment: Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, all animals seized by or on behalf of the City must be held for redemption by the owner for at least five (5) regular business days of the impounding agency. If such animal has bitten a person, or is suspected of being rabid or believed to have been exposed to rabies, it shall be kept as specified in section 5-1-11-3 of this section 5-1-11. For purpose of this chapter, "regular business day" means a day during which the establishment having custody of an animal is open to the public not less than four (4) consecutive hours between the hours of eight o'clock (8:00) A.M. and seven o'clock (7:00) P.M.
   B.   Reclaiming Impounded Animals: Before reclaiming a dog or other animal, the owner shall pay an impounding fee as determined by Council resolution, plus the cost to the City of keeping the animal in the pound. If at the end of the impounding period, the animal is not reclaimed by the owner, such animal shall be deemed to have been abandoned and may be sold to any person, except as provided in subsections C and D of this section. If the animal requires a Lakeville license, such license shall also be obtained before the animal is released.
   C.   Unclaimed And Unredeemed Animals: At the end of the five (5) day period, all animals which remain unredeemed must be made available to any licensed "institution", as defined in Minnesota Statutes section 35.71, subdivision 1, which has requested that number of animals, under the terms provided under Minnesota Statutes section 35.71. If such animal is not required by a licensing institution, the animal may be sold to any person. If the purchaser of the animal keeps or harbors the animal in the City, any required license shall be obtained before possession of the animal is given to the purchaser. If any animal is not reclaimed, released to an institution, or sold, then it may be destroyed in a humane manner.
   D.   Reclaimed Or Released Dogs: If an impounded dog requires a City license, such license shall also be obtained before the dog is released. No dog shall be released until sufficient proof of vaccination has been shown. If no proof of vaccination can be shown the dog may be released, but the City Clerk or poundkeeper shall issue a notice requiring the owner to produce proof of vaccination within ten (10) days of release. If proof of vaccination is not produced within ten (10) days, the City may issue a citation. (Ord. 559, sec. 7, 9-18-1995)