5-1-11-3: ANIMAL BITES:
   A.   Any animal which may have exposed a person to rabies by bite or other manner may be immediately seized whether on or off the owner's premises and quarantined for a period of at least ten (10) days. If no current rabies vaccination of the animal can be proven, the animal shall be quarantined at a veterinary facility, within the City, for a period of ten (10) days. The owner shall be responsible for the fees incurred. Any police officer, animal control officer, or community service officer shall have the authority to verify if the animal is properly quarantined 1 . (Ord. 442, sec. 1, 8-5-1991)
   B.   If the attending physician, Health Officer, police officer or animal control officer deems it necessary, the animal shall be euthanized and examined for rabies by the Minnesota Department of Health.
   C.   The City may have an autopsy performed on any dead animal which had been impounded or on an animal slain while impounded to determine if it was diseased and the cause of death. (Ord. 406, sec. 5, 3-19-1990)



1. See section 5-1-8 of this chapter for report of bite cases.