A.   Impoundment: Any dog found in violation of this chapter may be taken up by such officers as the City Council shall designate and impounded in the animal shelter and there confined in a humane manner. If not claimed prior thereto by the owner, it shall thereafter become the property of the City and as provided in section 5-1-11-5 of this section 5-1-11, may be disposed of in a humane manner or placed in the custody of some other suitable person or institution.
   B.   Notice Of Impoundment: Immediately upon the impounding of a dog, the City shall make a reasonable effort to notify the owner of such dog of such impoundment and the conditions whereby the owner may regain custody of the dog. Any verbal notices shall immediately be confirmed in writing. (Ord. 1012, 6-17-2019)
   C.   Critically Injured Dog: Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, if a critically injured dog is impounded pursuant to this chapter, it may be destroyed at any time by the animal warden or a police officer, but only after reasonable efforts have been made to locate its owner. (Ord. 406, sec. 4, 3-19-1990)