A.   Pervasive weeds or grass in excess of eight inches (8") in length shall be declared a public nuisance and is prohibited on the following properties:
      1.   On any lot with a building.
      2.   On any lot, outlot, or parcel less than one (1) acre in area without a building.
   B.   The following properties shall be exempt from the limit on the length of grass established by section 4-1-3.A of this title provided the property is maintained to the extent required to prevent growth of noxious weeds:
      1.   Undeveloped lots, outlots, and parcels with a contiguous area of more than one (1) acre.
      2.   Any privately or publicly owned land encumbered by a stormwater basin, drainageway, wetland, wetland buffer or public water.
      3.   Parks, natural areas and other properties owned by the City of Lakeville.
      4.   Public rights-of-way maintained by the State, County, or City.
   C.   After giving the owner or occupant of a property not in compliance with the length limitation for grass and weeds seven (7) days' advance written notice of the noncompliance, the City may cut, or cause to be cut, the grass and weeds and may assess the cost against the property in accordance with Minnesota Statutes section 429.061.
   D.   The Zoning Administrator may provide additional exceptions from the requirements of this section where the physical characteristics and conditions make property maintenance prohibitive or where such actions may result in erosion.  (Ord. 824, sec. 1, 4-16-2007, eff. 6-1-2007; amd. Ord. 996, 5-7-2018; Ord. 1031, 6-1-2020)