A.   Chief Executive Officer Of Department: The chief of police shall be subject to the orders of the mayor and village board of trustees, and shall be the chief executive officer of the police department.
   B.   Powers And Duties: He shall devote his whole time to the duties of this office, see that all laws and ordinances of the village are enforced, and promptly execute all orders and observe all rules and regulations set forth and/or adopted by the mayor and village board of trustees.
      1.   General Enforcement Authority: He shall be charged with the enforcement of all laws and ordinances of the village relating to the public peace, health and safety and shall cooperate with other officials of the village in the enforcement of all ordinances of the village. He shall cause nuisances to be removed, preserve peace and order at elections and provide an adequate police force at every public assembly of citizens.
      2.   Police Department Authority: He shall have supervision over all members of the department, be responsible for the proper management and conduct of the department and shall assign members of the department for duties, detail members to special duties and shall have charge and custody of all property pertaining thereto.
      3.   Police Department Regulations: He is empowered to make reasonable rules and regulations relating to routine work of the department which are consistent with the ordinances of the village and not in conflict with the rules and regulations of the mayor and village board of trustees.
      4.   Reports: He shall make an annual report to the village board of trustees showing the work carried on by the department during the preceding year in such detail as may be required by the village board of trustees with suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of police service.
      5.   Communications: He shall have charge and custody of all communication systems used or required for the operation of the police department.
      6.   Records Of Arrests: He shall keep or cause to be kept a record of all arrests made in conformity with the best possible police record system.
      7.   Traffic Control: He shall keep records of all traffic violations or accidents and other accidents resulting in a loss of or damage or injury to persons or property and shall supervise traffic control devices.
      8.   Property Custodian: He shall have the custody of and be responsible for all lost, abandoned or stolen property recovered in the village and dispose of the same as provided by law. (Ord. 80-11-1, 11-24-1980)
      9.   Deputy Chief: A deputy chief may be appointed by the chief of the police. The deputy chief position shall be an exempt rank immediately below that of chief. The deputy chief may be appointed from any rank of sworn, full time officers of the police department, but must have at least five (5) years of full time service as a police officer with the department. The deputy chief shall serve at the discretion of the chief and, if removed from that position, shall revert to the rank held immediately prior to appointment to the deputy chief position. (Ord. 2002-01-01, 1-9-2002)