There is hereby continued, created and established an executive department of the village to be known as the police department. The police department may consist of one chief of police, deputy chief (if one is appointed), one lieutenant, one sergeant and three (3) patrolmen and such other patrolmen and special patrolmen and policemen and watchmen and employees as may be provided from time to time by the board of trustees 1 . (Ord. 80-11-1, 11-24-1980; amd. Ord. 2002-01-01, 1-9-2002)
   A.   Appointments: All full time patrol officers (policemen), with the exception of the chief of police, shall be appointed by the board of police commissioners. All other members of the police department, including the chief of police, shall be appointed by the mayor with the consent of the village board of trustees.
   B.   Rank: The chief of police shall be the head of the police department and shall have supervision over all officers and members thereof. Following him in rank shall be the deputy chief (if one is appointed), lieutenant, sergeant and patrolmen, in order of seniority in each group. If a member of the department is appointed chief of police prior to being eligible to retire on pension, he shall be considered as on furlough from the rank he held immediately prior to his appointment as chief. If he resigns as chief or is discharged as chief prior to attaining eligibility to retire on pension, he shall revert to and be established in whatever rank he held prior to being appointed chief, except for any intervening previously appointed positions, and thereafter be entitled to all the benefits and emoluments of that rank, without regard as to whether a vacancy then exists in that rank. (Ord. 2004-11-01, 11-10-2004)



1. For village employee personnel policies and regulations, see title 1, chapter 6, article B of this code.