A.   Gates At Crossings: All railroad companies owning, leasing or operating a steam railroad in or through the village shall construct, operate and maintain at their own expense, at all points where the track or tracks of said railroad shall cross any street, in said village, railway gates which shall provide proper protection against injury to person or property at such crossings, which gates shall be so maintained on each side of said tracks at the respective crossings, and shall open and close and at all times shall be operated simultaneously. It is hereby made the duty of such railroad company operating, leasing or controlling said steam railroad to comply with the provisions of this subsection, and whoever shall fail or refuse to maintain or operate such gates, as herein provided, shall be subject to the penalty prescribed in this section.
   B.   Whistles: No railroad company in charge of any locomotive engine, shall cause or allow the whistle of any such locomotive engine to be sounded within the limits of the village except for the necessary brake signals and such as may be rendered absolutely necessary by imminent danger to prevent injury to personal property other than their own, and property in their own possession.
   C.   Bells To Be Rung: A bell at each crossing shall be rung continually while said locomotive engine is in motion and approaching and within eighty (80) rods of any street crossing the track upon which said locomotive engine is so running.
   D.   Cars In Motion: No person shall get upon or off or attempt to get upon or off any locomotive engine, tender, car or train of cars while the same, or either of them, is in motion, without having first obtained from the person in charge thereof express permission so to do.
   E.   Disorderly Conduct: No person, persons or idlers shall lounge or loaf or use any disorderly language or do any shouting, scuffling, or any improper or disorderly conduct in and around any railroad depot of any railroad company in the village. (Ord. 59, 5-7-1909; amd. Ord. 2013-07-02, 7-24-2013)