(A)   Duties and responsibilities.
      (1)   It is the duty and responsibility of both the property owner and the collection bin owner to comply with the provisions of this section co-equally. The property owner and collection bin owner are individually, jointly and severally liable for any violation of this section.
      (2)   The collection bin owner must obtain written consent from the property owner or legal designee to establish the collection bin.
   (B)   Each collection bin is subject to a local business tax receipt under Chapter 111.
   (C)   Location and site requirements.
      (1)   Collection bins are only permitted on developed property located in
the city’s commercial or industrial zoning districts: PO, C-1 , C-2, M-1A, M-2A.
      (2)   Collection bins must be located on improved, level, paved surfaces which constitute part of the location.
      (3)   Collection bins must:
         (a)   Not exceed six feet in height; five feet in width; and five feet in depth.
         (b)   Not be placed on vacant land, unimproved parcels or lots.
         (c)   Not be placed on public property.
         (d)   Not be placed in public rights-of-way, utility easements or utility
         (e)   Not be placed in landscaped areas.
         (f)   Not be placed within 100 feet of a residential property line.
         (g)   Not be placed within 20 feet of a public right-of-way.
         (h)   Not cause a visual obstruction to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
         (i)   Not interfere with required off-street parking spaces.
      (4)   Collection bins must be constructed of metal or other appropriate
material, and must be constructed so as to not be accessible by anyone other than those responsible for retrieval of the contents of the bins.
      (5)   The collection bins shall be serviced as needed, but no less than once every seven days.
      (6)   Any and all items or material left outside the collection bin must be
removed within 24 hours of discovery of the items or material, or upon notification of the condition by the city.
      (7)   No more than two collection bins shall be allowed on a property, and collection bins must be separated by a minimum distance of ten feet.
(Ord. 1611, passed 9-19-19)