Medical marijuana treatment center (MMTC) dispensing facilities are strictly prohibited in all zoning districts, pursuant to F.S. 381.986(11). The city will not accept, process or approve any request or application for a development order, building permit, or other approval associated with a proposed medical marijuana treatment center dispensing facility. A “MEDICAL MARIJUANA TREATMENT CENTER DISPENSING FACILITY” is a retail establishment licensed by the Florida Department of Health as a “medical marijuana treatment facility,” a “medical marijuana treatment center,” “dispensing organization,” “dispensing organization facility,” or similar use, that sells, and dispenses “marijuana,” products containing “marijuana,” or related supplies, to “qualified patients” or their “caregivers.” All terms used in this section shall be interpreted in accordance with F.S. § 381.986 and Chapter 64-4 of the Florida Administrative Code.
(Ord. 1571, passed 9-7-17)