The procedures contained in this chapter are applicable to all projects which involve the construction of any facility other than single-family dwellings or minor appurtenances thereto (for example, a private swimming pool, yard fence, and the like); or three or less duplex units in a subdivision where a certificate of completion for the subdivision has been issued by the city. Included are projects involving land developments (other than subdivisions) without structures such as parking lots. Also included are projects which involve the alteration or conversion of existing structures or the change of use of a structure where the site or structure does not meet the current criteria of these regulations. Changes in use shall be evaluated by the city as to the need for a complete site plan review, and possible modifications, based on the nature of the change in use or occupancy, and the need for compliance with current regulations. Any developments permitted under a conditional use must additionally undergo the site plan approval process. The provisions of this chapter, where appropriate, are to be applied to both on-site and off-site development. This document shall be the governing document for such development. Where there are conflicts and discrepancies with other city policies, ordinances, or regulations, the more restrictive requirements shall govern.
(Ord. 241, passed 11-27-85; Am. Ord. 651, passed 7-1-93)