(A)   All driveway approaches constructed in the city shall contain a sidewalk section of the width, grade, and minimum construction standards established by the city for sidewalks in that area, except where the distance between the street and the right-of-way line is ten feet or less, in which case the driveway will be sloped from the right- of-way line to the street.
   (B)   All sidewalks within the city rights-of-way or adjacent sidewalk easements shall conform to the following:
      (1)   Concrete shall be at least Type I or 2500 p.s.i. strength.
      (2)   Minimum thickness shall be four inches except at driveways and traffic hearing areas, then the thickness shall be six inches.
      (3)   Expansion joints shall be placed every 20 feet with construction joints at all other five-foot intervals. A construction joint is a sawed or tooled joint at least ¾-inch deep from the top of the sidewalk and crossing the full width of the sidewalk. Construction joints are to control the cracking effects of concrete expansion and shrinkage.
      (4)   Minimum width shall be 60 inches except when conforming with existing sidewalks or at the Public Works Director's discretion.
      (5)   All street and curb cuts shall be ramped to accommodate bicycles and wheelchairs.
      (6)   Site preparation, i.e., clearing, leveling, etc., shall be completed before concrete pouring begins.
      (7)   Restoration to the right-of-way will be the responsibility of the contractor.
      (8)   Traffic control, i.e., signs, flagmen, barricades, etc., will be provided by the contractor.
(Ord. 241, passed 11-27-85; Am. Ord. 454, passed 8-17-89; Am. Ord. 640, passed 6-3-93) Penalty, see § 23