(A)   Any person, whether as owner, lessee, principal, agent, employee, or otherwise, who violates any of the provisions of this appendix, or permits any violation to continue, or otherwise fails to comply with the requirements of this appendix, or of any plan or statement submitted and approved under these provisions, is subject to prosecution. Upon conviction, the person shall be fined not more than $500, or imprisoned for not more than 60 days, or both; and in addition shall pay all costs and expenses involved in the case. Each day a violation continues shall be considered a separate offense. At the option of the city, any violation may be processed through the city's Code Enforcement Board as an alternative to prosecution under this section.
   (B)   Nothing herein contained shall prevent the city from taking other lawful action, including, but not limited to, resort to equitable action, as is necessary to prevent or remedy any violation.
(Ord. 241, passed 11-27-85; Am. Ord. 640, passed 6-3-93)
Figure 1: Standard concrete curb diagrams
Figure 2: Corner clearances
[See hard copy of the Code for figures.]