(A)   For all driveways except those serving single family residences, minimum spacing between two-way driveways fronting on the same side of a street shall conform to the table below, based upon functional classification. Minimum distance between driveways serving single family residences is addressed in Subsection 13 below. Distance is measured at the property line, from the nearest edge of the driveway to the nearest edge of the adjacent driveway. Minimum driveway separation is as follows:
Type Roadway
Minimum Separation
330 feet
Major collectors
330 feet
Minor collectors
200 feet
Local streets
100 feet
50 feet
   (B)   Distances between adjacent one-way driveways with the inbound drive upsteam from the downstream drive can be one-half the distances shown above.
   (C)   Driveways on opposite sides of any undivided street classified collector or arterial shall either be aligned on the same centerline or be offset a minimum of 200 feet measured from centerline to centerline.
(Ord. 241, passed 11-27-85; Am. Ord. 640, passed 6-3-93; Am. Ord. 1068, passed 8-1-02) Penalty, see § 23