§ 154.71 PROCEDURE.
   (A)   All conditional uses shall require a conditional use permit and site plan approval prior to the granting of a building permit. Site plan approval shall be in accordance with Chapter 156. All applications for a conditional use permit shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
      (1)   Site and development plans showing the proposed use and placement of structure provisions for ingress/egress, off-street parking, loading, refuse areas, setback yards, and open spaces.
      (2)   Plans for screening and buffering with reference to type, dimension, and character.
      (3)   Plans for proposed utility connections.
      (4)   Proposed landscaping and the protection of trees.
      (5)   Proposed signs and lighting, including type, dimensions, and character.
   (B)   Where the rezoning of land and a conditional use permit are requested simultaneously for the same parcel of land, both petitions may be processed concurrently.
   (C)   The Planning and Zoning Board shall review the conditional use permit request and make recommendations to the City Commission. After report and recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Board is made and filed, the conditional use permit request shall be submitted to the City Commission at a public hearing for its approval or disapproval after due public notice.
(Ord. 241, passed 11-27-85; Am. Ord. 416, passed 2-16-88; Am. Ord. 597, passed 4-2-92)