(A)   Description of district. The Government Use (GU) district is established in order to identify and provide for geographic areas within the city that are appropriate for the development of governmental entities, including local, state or federal government units, libraries, places of worship, cemeteries, parks and public transportation facilities. Areas of the city for which this zoning category is appropriate are designated on the land use plan as public/semi-public.
   (B)   Permitted and conditional uses. No building or land in the GU district shall be used, and no building shall be hereafter erected, structurally altered, or enlarged, except for the permitted and conditional uses listed below. Conditional uses are permitted only after approval in accordance with §§ 154.70 through 154.73.
      (1)   Permitted uses:
         (a)   Parks, playgrounds and recreational areas.
         (b)   Government administrative, public safety and judicial buildings.
         (c)   Libraries.
         (d)   Post office.
      (2)    Conditional uses:
         (a)   Government maintenance facilities.
         (b)   Hospitals.
         (c)   Churches.
         (d)   Communication towers.
   (C)   Site development standards. All GU land uses are subject to site plan approval in accordance with Chapter 156. The following standards are also hereby established to maintain the purpose of the district, to promote the functional compatibility of uses, to promote the safe and efficient circulation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and to otherwise protect the public health, safety, and general welfare.
      (1)   Access requirements must comply with Chapter 155, Appendix A, Street System Requirements.
      (2)   Minimum setbacks. The minimum yard requirements in the government use (GU) district shall be subject to staff review and determination on the basis of good planning and design and published safety standards.
      (3)   Maximum building height. The maximum height of buildings and structure in the government use (GU) district shall be 35 feet.
   (D)   Off-street parking. Off-street parking shall be in accordance with Appendix B of Chapter 155.
   (E)   Additional requirements.
      (1)   All GU uses must conform to applicable setback, landscape, and buffer requirements in Chapter 157 of this code.
      (2)   Lakefront regulations are included in § 154.12.
      (3)   School location, regulations and requirements are included in § 154.68.
(Ord. 1219, passed 11-2-06)