(A)   Description of district. This district is established in order to identify and provide those geographic areas within the city that are appropriate for the development and maintenance of a general commercial district. The purpose of this district is to provide for a wide variety of consumer-oriented commercial uses and activities located in relative proximity to major thoroughfares and to residential concentrations. Areas of the city for which this zoning category is appropriate are designated on the land use plan as commercial or the downtown district.
   (B)   Permitted and conditional uses. No building or land in the C-1 District shall be used, and no building shall be hereafter erected, structurally altered, or enlarged, except for the permitted and conditional uses listed below. Conditional uses are permitted only after approval in accordance with §§ 154.70 through 154.73.
      (1)   Permitted uses:
         (a)   Any use permitted in the PO District.
         (b)   General office uses.
         (c)   Theaters, but not drive-in theaters.
         (d)   Restaurants, delicatessens and establishments for the retail sales of prepared foods including establishments which serve alcohol for the consumption on premises, but not drive-in restaurants.
         (e)   Retail sales establishments, such as bakeries, hardware stores, florists, gift shops, department stores, drug stores, and other similar businesses except for outdoor sales and flea markets.
         (f)   Child care centers.
         (g)   Dry cleaners with no on-site processing.
         (h)   Personal service establishments.
         (i)   Banks and financial institutions with drive-in facilities.
         (j)   Adult congregate living facilities.
         (k)   Instructional studios.
      (2)   Conditional uses:
         (a)   Shopping centers under 75,000 square feet.
         (b)   Nursing homes.
         (c)   Animal hospitals or veterinary clinics.
         (d)   Community services and facilities.
         (e)   Any permitted use requiring a structure exceeding the maximum allowable building height.
         (f)   Post offices.
         (g)   Restaurants, delicatessens and establishments primarily for the retail sales of prepared foods and which serve alcohol as an incident to the sale of prepared foods for consumption on premises, adjacent to residential zoning.
         (h)   Health clubs.
         (i)   Pharmacies with drive-in business.
         (j)   Funeral home. Funeral homes shall provide sufficient on-site parking, staging areas and/or service drives in order to accommodate parking and staging of funeral processions. Streets and public right-of-ways shall not be used for parking or to form funeral processions.
   (C)   Site development standards. All C-1 land uses are subject to site plan approval in accordance with Chapter 156. The following standards are also hereby established to maintain the purpose of the district, to promote the functional compatibility of uses, to promote the safe and efficient circulation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and to otherwise protect the public health, safety, and general welfare.
      (1)   Access requirements must comply with Chapter 155, Appendix A, Street System Requirements.
      (2)   Minimum setbacks. Minimum setbacks and buffers shall conform to Chapter 157 of this code, but in no case shall the minimum building setback be less than 25 feet from any property line or right-of-way.
      (3)   Maximum building height:
         (a)   30 feet when adjacent to single family residential property.
         (b)   40 feet when not adjacent to single family residential property.
   (D)   Off-street parking. Off-street parking shall be provided in accordance with Appendix B of Chapter 155.
   (E)   Additional requirements.
      (1)   All C-1 uses must conform to applicable setback, landscape, and buffer requirements in Chapter 157 of this code.
      (2)   Lakefront and other development regulations are included in division (E)(1) above.
      (3)   School location, regulations and requirements are included in § 154.68.
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