(A)   Time period for granting or denying license. The City Clerk shall grant or deny an application for a license under this §§ 115.20 through 115.29 within 30 days from the date of its proper filing.
   (B)   Granting of application for license. If none of the departments have made a finding that would require that the application be denied, the City Clerk shall grant the application, notify the applicant of the granting, and issue the license to the applicant upon payment of the appropriate annual license fee required in §§ 115.24 and 115.25, with credit as provided in § 115.21(C).
   (C)   Denying of application for license.
      (1)   The City Clerk shall review the findings reported by the departments and deny the application for any of the following reasons:
         (a)   The application contains material false informationor is incomplete;
         (b)   The granting of the application would violate a statute or ordinance expressly made applicable to adult entertainment establishments and sexually oriented business, such as F.S. § 847.0134; deed restriction; lease; or an order from a court of law which prohibits the applicant from obtaining an adult entertainment establishment license.
         (c)   The applicant or any other individual listed pursuant to § 115.21(b)(1) has had a license under this code suspended or revoked by the City Clerk;
      (2)   If the City Clerk denies the application, he or she shall notify the applicant of the denial, and state the reason(s) for the denial.
   (D)   Rejection of application. If a person applies for a license at a particular location within a period of nine months from the date of denial of a previous application for a license at the location, and there has not been an intervening change in the circumstances which would lead to a different decision regarding the former reason(s) for denial, the application shall be rejected.
(Ord. 763, passed 8-24-95; Am. Ord. 1115, passed 11-20-03)