(A)   The city hereby adopts and establishes a sewer impact fee equal to the product of the sum of: (1) the amount actually charged to the city by Seminole County for providing sewage treatment and effluent disposal capacity per gallon of wastewater (a.k.a. the wastewater connection fee), and (2) a city charge of $1.45 per gallon of wastewater as established by City Commission; multiplied by the volume of sewage estimated by the city to be generated by a given customer or project as defined in § 50.143. All fees and charges paid pursuant to this section shall be nonrefundable.
   (B)   No city permits shall be issued prior to the receipt of the sewer impact fee.
   (C)   Sewer service shall be allocated on a first come first serve basis based on the order of receipt of application. Sewer service capacity is non- transferable to other properties.
(Ord. 354, passed 12-17-87; Am. Ord. 638, passed 4-15-93; Am. Ord. 839, passed 6-5-97; Am. Ord. 1518, passed 11-6-14; Am. Ord. 1537, passed 2-18-16)