(A)   General. From and after 12 months of the effective date of this chapter, no existing food store shall continue to operate within the city unless it conforms with the requirements of this chapter; provided that, equipment and facilities, installed in a food store prior to the effective date of this chapter, which do not meet fully all of the design and construction requirements of this section, shall be deemed acceptable in that establishment if they are in good repair, capable of being maintained in a sanitary condition and the food-contact surfaces are non-toxic.
   (B)   New food stores. All food stores which are hereafter constructed, reconstructed or extensively altered shall conform in such construction to the requirements of this chapter. New and replacement equipment shall meet the requirements of this chapter as to construction and installation.
   (C)   Plan review-new construction. Properly prepared plans, including equipment specifications and installation layouts, shall be submitted to the Health Officer for review and approval before work is begun on the construction of new food stores or the reconstruction or extensive alteration of existing ones.
(Prior Code, § 17-12)