(A)   The City Manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the city. He or she shall be responsible to the Mayor and City Council for the proper administration of all affairs, departments and offices of the city.
   (B)   He or she shall have the power and be required to:
      (1)   Recommend to the Mayor, the appointment of officers of the city who are required by law to be appointed by the Mayor, and to recommend to the Mayor and City Council the appointment of officers who are required by law to be appointed by the Mayor by and with the consent of the City Council. He or she shall further recommend the removal or suspension of any such officers when such removal or suspension shall be consistent with the best interests of the city. All such recommendations for appointment or removal shall be based upon merit and upon the qualifications or disqualifications of such officers;
      (2)   Act as business manager for the city under the direction of the Mayor and City Council. He or she shall coordinate and supervise administrative work, including: accounting practices, preparation of monthly financial reports; securing of annual audits by authorized certified public accountants; payment of approved salaries, wages and bills; safe-keeping of securities and valuable papers, preparation and use of authorized forms; collection and deposit with authorized depositories of all revenues, preparation of the budget and the annual appropriation and tax levy ordinances and scheduling of hearings relating thereto; filing of plats, ordinances, documents and papers with the provision that appropriate documents be made conveniently available to the public; review and maintenance of authorized fidelity bonds and insurance, preparation and release of articles and information to keep the public informed of its city government; and informing the Mayor and City Council of current federal and state legislation affecting the city;
      (3)   Act ex officio as purchasing agent and perform all of the duties and requirements of that office as set forth in this code;
      (4)   Assist the Mayor in the enforcement of the laws of the state and the ordinances of the city;
      (5)   Take charge of and manage the City Hall and all other city buildings and properties not specifically assigned to other officers or agencies of the city for management;
      (6)   Administer the employment and personnel policies of the city as approved by the Mayor and City Council; recruit, interview and employ necessary personnel for the several city departments and offices as required;
      (7)   Administer the participation of eligible city employees in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, and in the hospitalization and medical care plans;
      (8)   Fix all salaries or wages of city employees not fixed by the City Council or not required to be fixed by the City Council pursuant to ordinance;
      (9)   Coordinate operations affecting more than one department, office or officer of the city;
      (10)   Except as provided by Charter and law, to create, consolidate, combine or eliminate offices, positions, departments or units of the city organizational structure; and, based upon merit, to appoint individuals to discharge them from such offices and positions, except for the Director of Public Safety and Chiefs of Police and Fire Departments, who shall be appointed and discharged by the Mayor and the City Council. The City Manager may be the head of one or more departments;
      (11)   Make, or cause to be made, monthly and annual reports to the Mayor and City Council of the activities of all departments under his or her jurisdiction.
      (12)   Attend all meetings of the City Council or committees thereof, unless excused therefrom. The City Manager shall be entitled to notice of all meetings, regular and special, of the City Council and shall have the privilege of taking part in the discussion of all matters coming before the Council;
      (13)   Supply such information and recommend such measures to the Mayor and the City Council as may be deemed advantageous to the city;
      (14)   Meet the public in behalf of the Mayor and City Council; receive suggestions; hear and investigate complaints in relation to all matters concerning the administration of the government of the city and in regard to services rendered by the public utilities in the city, and see that all franchises, permits, and privileges granted by the city are faithfully observed;
      (15)   Inform succeeding Mayors and City Councils of the general principles of administrative programs and policies of previous administrations so that a continuity of programs and policies may be possible;
      (16)   Perform such other duties, consistent with the City Charter, the ordinances of the city and the laws of the state, as the Mayor and City Council may direct or delegate from time to time;
      (17)   (a)   Dispose of personal property which:
            1.   Is no longer serviceable or in repairable condition; or
            2.   Is no longer useful to any department within the city.
         (b)   The City Manager is authorized to dispose of said items from time to time as they accumulate provided the estimated value of any such item does not exceed $4,000, by negotiating its sale or through publication of official notice of sale and acceptance of competitive bids.
      (18)   Establish regulations and requirements regarding the payment of fees or charges to the city and approve payment arrangements (including waivers or reductions of fees or charges in an amount not to exceed $5,000 in any particular instance, unless otherwise authorized by the code or upon approval of the City Council) or general discounts of such fees or charges when, in the City Manager's determination such actions are deemed to be in the best interest of the city.
(Prior Code, § 2-92)  (Ord. 973, passed 1-17-1976; Ord. 1271, passed - -; Ord. 1289, passed 3-1-1982; Ord. 2012-10, passed 4-16-2012; Ord. 2013-081, passed 12-2-2013)