(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person to give away or otherwise dispense free of charge, by the drink or in any other manner, within the city, an alcoholic beverage; except that, the giving away by a Class A-3 licensee, without charge, of beer and wine, or a Class B-1, C-2 or D-1 licensee, without charge, of alcoholic liquor in small and limited amounts for tasting purposes only, immediately prior and incidental to, the sale of such alcoholic liquor in the original package for consumption off the premises shall not be considered a violation of this section.
   (B)   Such give away, however, shall be subject to the following conditions and limitations:
      (1)   The tastings shall be attended by and supervised by a full-time employee and only in a designated area on the licensed premises as approved by the Commissioner and designated in the license;
      (2)   The actual amount of wine tasted may not exceed an ounce; and
      (3)   The sample shall be served in a container which shall be disposed of following sample.
   (C)   Furthermore, it is hereby declared unlawful to advertise the availability of “tasting” through any public media or other means of communication other than:
      (1)   On the premises where the “tasting” will occur; or
      (2)   By a direct mailing that provides the date and location of the “tasting.”
   (D)   (1)   Notification of the date and location of a particular “tasting” shall not be sent to more than 200 individual residences.
      (2)   Further, the provisions of this section prohibiting give away or other dispensing of alcoholic beverages shall not apply to Class F-2, Class F-3 or Class F-4 licenses.
(Prior Code, § 4-5)  (Ord. 2013-26, passed 5-20-2013; Ord. 2013-49, passed 8-5-2013)  Penalty, see § 111.999