§ 110.215  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE SERVICES. The improvement and/or maintenance of the appearance of an area of land by planting and/or maintaining trees, shrubs, grass or other plants and lawn ornaments, or by altering the contour of the ground. In addition, LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE SERVICES shall include the providing of services in the nature of cultivation or beautification of gardens; the trimming, cutting or pruning of hedges, plants and/or grass; the application of restricted yard chemicals or other yard chemicals; the raking, sweeping or gathering for removal of landscape waste and other yard debris; or other activities similar in nature to the foregoing.
   LANDSCAPER. Any person who is engaged in the business of providing landscape maintenance services within the city. This definition shall not apply to persons while and to the extent that they are acting as landscaping contractors or to individuals who are acting while in the employ of a licensed landscaper.
   LANDSCAPING CONTRACTOR. Any person while engaged in the business of installing landscaping materials and constructing yard improvements such as grade changes, walkways, patios and the like; provided that, such person is conducting such activities pursuant to an express permit issued by the city’s Community Development Director or the City Engineer and pursuant to a landscaping and/or grading plan duly approved by the city.
   LICENSE YEAR. The one-year period in which a license issued pursuant to this subchapter is valid, beginning January 1 in any calendar year and expiring on the last day of December of the same calendar year.
   PERSON. Any individual over the age of 17 (other than individuals under 23 years of age who are enrolled as full-time students), or any partnership, firm, corporations or other business entity authorized to do business in the state.
   RESTRICTED YARD CHEMICALS. Any fertilizer, fungicide, herbicide, insecticide or similar substance whose handling or application is subject to licensing, permit or similar authorization of the State Environmental Protection Agency or other responsible government agency.
   VEHICLE. Any motor-driven vehicle, or any vehicle customarily attached to a motor-driven vehicle, used by a landscaper to transport a work crew, equipment and/or debris, including trucks, trailers and vans, but excluding sedans or similar passenger vehicles.
   YARD CHEMICALS. Any fertilizer, fungicide, herbicide, insecticide or similar substance that is not a restricted yard chemical.
(Ord. 2006-81, passed 12-4-2006; Ord. 2015-41, passed 7-20-2015)