§ 31.012  ARRESTS.
   (A)   Subject to the requirements of division (B) below, the Mayor and the members of the City Council, as well as every member of the Police Department, are hereby declared to be conservators of the peace with such powers to make arrests as are given to the conservators of the peace by statute.
   (B)   Only after receiving a certificate attesting to the successful completion of a training course administered by the State Law Enforcement Training Standards Board, may the Mayor, aldermen or sworn members of the Police Department have power:
      (1)   To arrest or cause to be arrested, with or without process, all persons who break the peace or are found violating any municipal ordinance or any criminal law of the state;
      (2)   To commit arrested persons for examination;
      (3)   If necessary, to detain arrested persons in custody overnight or Sunday in any safe place or until they can be brought before the proper court; and
      (4)   To exercise all other powers as conservators of the peace prescribed by this code or state statutes.
(Prior Code, § 2-65)  (Ord. 2013-30, passed 6-3-2013)